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Seasonal Items

There's nothing like freshly baked cookies and brownies fresh from the oven.  At Miller's Bake Shoppe, you will find a variety of baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Every product is made with fresh, natural ingredients like real butter, eggs cracked straight from the shell (as opposed to poured from a carton), real chocolate chips and unbleached flour.  A few of the cookies and pies are even "NO SUGAR ADDED."  And, there are never any artificial preservatives. 


So, in the mood for a snack or dessert?  Let Miller's do the baking.  You supply the appetite!  

Below are some Whoopie Pies you will find at the Bake Shoppe. 

For special or bulk orders or to check availability,

please call the store at (540) 337-9675.


ALLERGY WARNING:  Our products may contain some or all of the following ingredients:
Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Peanut Products, Soy and/or Wheat Gluten.
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